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Our Story

HCS was founded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was created with people in mind and our operations mirror that. We currently do pop-up centers across the city to be able to reach more people who don’t have access to reliable transportation. These centers let us teach tech classes to all ages completely for free. It also provides a space for anybody who are in other industries to be able to move their businesses into the digital space. 

Why We Exist

We are raising funds and awareness for Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere. Most of the population is unemployed and if they are employed they barely make enough to survive. Our goal is to provide young Haitians with web programming, networking, and cyber security courses. We also connect with global companies to provide jobs. The joint co-working space is to provide them the resources to work for any company in the world, right from Haiti.


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about us

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Gabriela Ariza

Gabby currently leads the IT coursework and course structure. She has a 15 year background in web development and in 2016 earned a national award for web experience. Gabby has a Master’s in Information Systems and transitioned to cyber security.

lead instructor

Nino Menard

Nino has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Universidad Catolica Tecnologia del Cibao. His background is in web development and instruction. He is the lead instructor who oversees all the courses for the center. He personally picks where the classes will be held next. He also re-develops and expands the curriculum. He works closely with students and always assists.




Djedly Francois Joseph

Djedly has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He is CEO and co-founder of the non-profit Entre Les Pages and Klere Timoun Program which both are getting involved in Education. He is also a supervisor at Sonje Ayiti Organization and also a fellow of the US State Department Community Engagement Exchange Program.

admin assistant

Verlande Cadet

Verlande has a degree in legal sciences and tourism marketing. She also has a certificate in leadership and entrepreneurship. She has coordinated a community club for children assisted by Caris Foundation. She is currently a techer and intern at a law firm and co-foudner of a feminist organization “Women of Cape Town” for the emancipation of Women and Girls and coordinator of an event agency called Glow Event. She is a lawyer, feminist, specialist in tourism and more.


Jean-Marc Julien

Jean-Marc currently helps lead the IT coursework and course structure. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has over 3 years of teaching online. He currently develops and writes curriculum in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SQL, Python, and CSS. He also manages the video editing for the classes.

TECH instructor

Marc-Abel Samson

Marc-Abel is certified in Computer Science and works with the lead instructor. He is a manager of social networks and is a member of SAKAPFETOKAP which is a multimedia platform highlighting the city of Cap, it’s events, its attractions and it’s history. He is also one of the founders of Fair World Builders which is an organization of young students and professionals whose main objective is to promote, practice and protect human rights in Haiti.

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